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Hi, I’m Katie!

After my own 45lb weight loss journey I made it my mission to empower other women to take back control of their lives, establish healthy routines and reach their fitness goals.

As a Certified Personal trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist, I've helped thousands of women transform their bodies and their minds and now it's YOUR turn!

Incredible Transformations
from Team LSF

This is a game changer!

This challenge has been a game changer for me. Three weeks into the challenge, my blood pressure readings fell into the healthy range where they belong!


I'm amazed at my results!

I decided to join Katie’s challenge and 8 weeks later I’ve re-shaped my body and feel in control of my health for the first time in a long time!


I want to continue every single day!

This is the first program I’ve not only been able to establish a solid routine with but it’s so manageable to want to continue every single day. I have gone down 4 sizes in jeans! 


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