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8 Week Hot Body Sweat Guide
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We’re gonna let you in on a little secret, the Hot Body Sweat Guide isn’t your ordinary workout guide. It’s 8 weeks of fun, fast and effective workouts. It’s also your new best friend and personal cheerleader! Loaded with tons of inspo on each page, bonus challenges and a huge girl gang who’s got your back every step of the way! Best of all, you can #LSFSweatAnywhere because you don’t need a gym or any equipment!  You will burn fat fast, sculpt & shape your body and increase metabolism!
8 Week Workout Guide Includes...
  • 135 motivating pages of effective exercises
  • 8 weeks of dynamic workouts to burn fat & tone your tummy, legs, arms, & booty
  • Warm up and stretching guide
  • My top tips and tricks that helped me lose 45 pounds and change my life
  • Exercise encyclopedia with over 60 different step-by-step photos & descriptions
  • Fun LSF “bonus workouts” – you’ll feel the burn and get results faster
  • Learn the science behind burning fat
  • Overcome your plateaus

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If you have tried other workout plans, leaving you with little to no results, this guide is for YOU. Get the support of thousands of women in the #lovesweatfitness community to cheer you on along the way.

BUNDLE & Save! You can get the Sweat Guide, 4 Week Meal Plan & Guiltless Nutrition Lifestyle & Recipe Book together and save $$ Just grab a bundle deal available in the shop.

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